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Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Buddhism in the Modern World

Buddhism in the Modern World

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    Buddhism in the Modern World examines various aspects of Buddhism including an extensive historical overview of Buddhism Beliefs, Teachings and Practices and related topics. It includes The Relevance of Buddhism in the Modern World, The Contribution of Buddhism to Peace in the Modern World, Cultural and Political Role of Buddhism in the Modern World. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the Buddhism in details along with Buddhism and Education in the Modern World and the future of Buddhism in modern world.

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    Daniela Poljak has a PhD degree in Social Anthropology and Comparative religion from University of Belgrade. Through her master's and doctoral degree in cultural anthropology and work as a research assistant she has gained intensive research skills for collecting and making sense of information, as well as for analytical, detailed reading and critical thinking. She also have written and edited several religion and comparative religion books.