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Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Social Organization & Community

Social Organization & Community

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    Social Organization & Community examines various aspects of social organization and community with an extensive information related o the history of organizations. It includes basic theories related to social organization and community with few models required to have a well-structured community amongst the people. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of various social organizations for community in different religions.

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    Adila Kokab is working as an educator in Punjab Education Department. She is a former Community Based Motivator at Public Health Engineering Department, Gujrat, Pakistan. She has also worked as an Enumerator, Supervisor, and Data Editor and worked on the projects from UNICEF and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan at the University of Gujrat. Adila Kokab also presented her services as a volunteer teacher in the less privileged countryside schools. She did her Masters in Population Sciences and has published many research articles and conference proceeding in the areas of Demography, Environment, and Economics of rural areas. Ms. Adila is also a professional writer and authored many books including Social Status of emigrant Families. She wrote for magazines and social sites on social and moral issues. She is also an Associate Member and Editor of International Consortium of Scientists and Researchers.