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Business and Management

Business and Management

Comprehensive Guide To Business Risk Management

Comprehensive Guide To Business Risk Management

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    This book primarily focuses on business risk management and the factors affecting enterprises. First, the fundamental concepts of risk management are explained with a particular focus on e-business. Second, the factors affecting project management in the business sector are explained. Third, the prominent role of corporate governance and supply chain risk management in running a successful business is provided in this book. Finally, the steps to be followed to maintain sustainable business with risk mitigation are discussed. This book can be used for students who are pursuing graduate and undergraduate courses.

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    Jonah C. Pardillo received her degree for Masters in Business Administration from University of the East, Philippines. Her bachelor was also earned from University of the East. Currently, she is affiliated at University of Mansford, California, USA. She has professorial experience and teaches several business courses in undergrad from Far Eastern University, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila Business College, Global Reciprocal College. Further, she was also a Content developer for undergrad and graduate business subjects. Aside from academic experience, she also manages her own business.