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Business and Management

Business and Management

International Business Strategy In Emerging Markets

International Business Strategy In Emerging Markets

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    International Business Strategy in Emerging Markets is a book that talks about the various kinds of strategies that are important and being taken up by the several businesses around the world that help them to capitalize on the developing markets and the opportunities that keep cropping up in those parts. The business strategies have to be really well chalked out for international cooperation and trade and for them to be applicable across borders. The book tries to educate the readers about the fundamentals of forming such strategies and also provides a look into some widely followed internal business strategies at present.

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    Jonah C. Pardillo received her degree in Masters in Business Administration as well as her bachelor from University of the East Manila, Philippines. She also completed her PhD. in Business Management. She became an entrepreneur starting 2004 and she owns Sequoia Trading which is based in Philippines which specializes in importing variety of goods. She is also a professor for business subjects at Far Eastern University, Manila; and she was also teaching at Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila Business College, and Global Reciprocal College. She also became a content developer and develops the following course materials such as Management Accounting, Mathematics of Investment, Fundamentals of Accounting, Macroeconomics Theory and Practice. Jonah C. Pardillo also authored the books such as Knowledge-based Marketing in 21st Century, Innovation in Marketing, Marketing Automation, Service Operations Management, Business Informatics, and Business Communication.