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Business and Management

Business and Management

Organization And Leadership In Disruptive Times

Organization And Leadership In Disruptive Times

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    This book has an outline of effective management. This book also explains how to lead and supervise transformation in the era of digital disruption and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the importance of quantum leadership and current leadership complexities are highlighted. It also clearly states the quality of education in these troubled times. Additionally, it serves as an illustration of the future of leadership in disruptive times.

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    Seyed Ali Fallahchay PhD.,is a Professor at the University of Mansford. He, also, teaches at Raffles Design Institute in Indonesia. Dr. Fallahchay earned his Doctorate from De La Salle Araneta University in the Philippines. He earned his Bachelor in Engineering of Industrial Forestry from the University of Azad Islamic, Iran. In 2011, he became a licensed engineer. While pursuing his post-secondary education, he managed his own distribution company in Iran. He also managed a manufacturing business in the Philippines. Dr. Fallahchay has a passion for teaching. In 2015, he started teaching at several colleges and universities in the Philippines. Later, he became the Director of Research and Development at one of the University in Philippines. Dr. Fallahchay has authored five (5) books -Modern Scientific Communication, The Economic of Innovation, Data Science and Decision Making: An Introductory Text for Students and Practitioners, Business and Administrative Communication, Communication in Everyday Life, and Handbook of Group Decision