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Business and Management

The Value Of Primary Education In The Developing World: Transforming The Lives Of People And Communities

The Value Of Primary Education In The Developing World: Transforming The Lives Of People And Communities

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    This book, entitled "The Value of Primary Education in the Developing World: Transforming the Lives of People and Communities", reaffirms to those in the world of education that the key to success is a forward-thinking educational model. This is demonstrated by several studies that indicate the positive relationship between education and prosperity, as well as well-being in many cases. Given the limited funds available for education, some countries have focused on primary education as a starting point toward higher education. The reasoning is that if you educate children while they are still young, you have the opportunity to give them the skills and confidence to explore the world later in life. Primary education is going to be the key to sustainable development. Therefore, it must be understood and contextualized in terms of the different people accessing this type of social service. The education provided to children must be meaningful and relevant to their context. At the same time, education must prepare young people to be competitive in the global scenario, where there is a high rate of unemployment and the growing threats of technology, which will take away many of the jobs that were traditionally available to young people. Promptly, the different necessary contents to be used in elementary school today are presented, such as concepts and purposes; the binding information and communication technology; the theory and philosophy behind it; the knowledge that sustains it; limitations and possibilities; the pandemic and its effects; the classic models and their presence in the future. Countries seeking prosperity will need to invest in primary education. However, that investment must be based on the experiences of those that have implemented universal and partial education systems. This publication aims to explore the scope and limitations of primary education as a fundamental tool for countries worldwide in educating their citizens. Its natural audience is university students in the fields of education, regardless of their specialization. Therefore, this book is written from an eclectic, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. After all, that is the nature of education, regardless of whether it is primary or presented in other ways. I hope you enjoy reading the book and that you will learn something from it. This topic is detailed throughout the book in each of its chapters: Chapter 1: Introduction to Primary Education, Chapter 2: Finding Purpose in Primary Education, Chapter 3: Contemporary Perspectives on Primary Education, Chapter 4: New Horizons for Primary Education, Chapter 5: Key Learning Priorities for Primary Education, Chapter 6: Philosophical Debates and Approaches to Primary Education, Chapter 7: Innovation in Primary Education, Chapter 8: The Future of Primary Education, Chapter 9: Concluding Remarks. This book, "The Value of Primary Education in the Developing World: Transforming the Lives of People and Communities," attempts to present how the countries of the world can improve their educational models. It also seeks to make readers and society aware of the wide range of benefits and positive impacts of incorporating trends in primary education as a fundamental means of developing the education of the citizens of the future.

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    Oscar Alberto Ramirez Amado, holds a PhD in Education and a Diploma in Research. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simon Rodriguez (Maracay-Venezuela), in the areas of Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies, and Thesis Tutoring. He is also a Freelance and Expert in Research Methodology, Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translations, Proofreading in Spanish and English; and Content Writing