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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Urban Development: Environmental Planning and Understanding

Urban Development: Environmental Planning and Understanding

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    Urban Development: Environmental Planning And Understanding makes the people aware about the ways in which the urban areas are planned and the how the planning of these areas must also consider the environment and its planning. This book also discusses about the global perspective on the urban development, the subject of habitat conservation in urban development, the role of transportation, space and technology in urban development, the planning and control of urban areas, the use of land and its efficiency in urban planning, necessity of environmental education while urban planning and assessing the sustainability of the urban development. This book provides the necessary insights on the subject of urban planning to the readers so that they can understand the importance of environment and its consideration in the urban planning and sustainability.

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    Solange Uwera, M.Sc in Geographical Information Science from The University of Manchester is a young scientist with passion in research, a writer by occasion and she takes pride in educating the community through writing on every occasion. Most recently, her work landed her a position of writing, where she authors books on physical geography and environment. In the universe, “everything is related to everything else and near things are more related than distant things” and this is a powerful concept she has been exploring and writing about. Solange has experience in environmental monitoring, urban green infrastructure, rural development, environmental education and physical geography research.