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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Urban Planning and Development Issues

Urban Planning and Development Issues

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    The dynamics of different cities and towns can only be managed through the urban planning, designing and development. The globalization with advance technology has also derived the economy towards on the rise in the fast manner, which is dangerous for cities and towns if they will not adapt change. The sustainability can only be achieved and attained through the skillfulness. The book is all about adaptation towards change and new life style choices through urban planning, designing and development. The book is based on a belief that the cities and towns can be made more sustainable and it is a fact that human beings cannot reside in places without sustainable cities and towns.

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    Cities in the developing countries are growing at a pace never experienced in Europe or the United States. Megalopolises are duplicating. Today, there are around 400 cities that house more than a million individuals each and 75 percent of these are situated in low-and middle income countries.

    This fast growth is difficult to assimilate for cities in the developing countries. New occupants require appropriate transport, conventional housing, and access to water and public health facilities. Similarly, quick urbanization brings pollution, movement congestion, and even social issues. It has also contributed to the scaling up and spreading of ghetto / slums on city borders. Therefore, this development has caught the attention of the international stakeholders. The United Nations Millennium Declaration tried to enhance the lives of no less than 100 million ghetto / slum tenants by 2020. All the significant development banks have made their urban development section and have given subsidizing to activities to address challenges of fast urbanization.

    The purpose of this book is to provide a depiction of the contemporary urban planning, development issues and practices with novel approaches and controls which extensively play a pivotal role in the urban development and modernization process. This book introduces a snapshot of the all-around prospecting urban planning landscape and the most recent issues associate with it.

    Regardless of whether you're searching for some foundation data on a particular part of urban planning, or you have aspirations to end up plainly as an expert urban planner, or you are searching for approaches to get noticeably more associated with your community group, this book can enable you to better comprehend urban planning and how to make fruitful communities. This book is of interest for graduate level audience who are keen to get in touch with present day urban planning and development issues, methodologies and approaches. This book is also of interest for urban managers and technical staff working in today's innovative urban planning world. The first chapter offers a general insight of urban planning and development issues Management, methodologies and techniques which are used for controlling and monitoring them. In the later chapters Greening and sustainable development, Urban Revitalization, Urban sprawl and suburb management, Poverty and overpopulation, Urban management, Economic planning and development, Planning and development for disasters and emergencies, Improving the community, use of expert systems in urban planning, Globalization and future planning have been explained.

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    Dr. SUDHA MENON, Ph.D.

    Dr. SUDHA MENON, Ph.D.

    Dr. Sudha Menon is a freelance consultant, researcher, activist and NGO professional based in India with more than 17 years of experience in social sector documentation and public policy research. She holds MA and PhD in Political Science from University of Kerala. Since 2009, she has been working for the economic empowerment of informal sector women workers in South Asia. She is the author of 12 books and many research papers published in reputed journals and magazines. Currently she serves as the Trust Council Member of 'Citizens Rights Watch', an international NGO based in London.