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Handbook of Education Systems in North America

Handbook of Education Systems in North America

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    The North American educational system is not the same as those in different continents. Despite the fact that the governments contribute altogether to the public education spending plan, schooling is essentially the duty of local and state administrations. This volume mentions that in nations like Canada, the US, and Greenland, the local administrations have their own departments of education and finance, who are responsible for the employing of school workforce and educational planning. Local states additionally decide the level of training: in many states, education is mandatory from 5 or 6 to 16 years old; yet in certain states, adolescents need to remain in school until age 18. Thus, every state has significant power over what is taught in its schools, and over the necessities that a student should meet; they are additionally liable for the subsidizing of tutoring. The authors mention these topics among others to explain their opinion: Chapter 1: "How American Education Systems Have Evolved?;" Chapter 2: "North American Primary and Secondary Schools;" and Chapter 3: "The North American Higher Education System." The volume makes reference that in many States, the government-funded education system is additionally divided into neighborhood school regions, which are overseen by an educational committee, addressing the nearby local area. School districts may be little, covering only a tiny community or rural region, or tremendous, covering an entire city. They will likewise appoint a varied measure of independence to every school inside their area (with certain exemptions, for example, general principles regarding wellbeing and security).

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    Oscar Alberto Ramirez Amado, holds a PhD in Education and a Diploma in Research. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simon Rodriguez (Maracay-Venezuela), in the areas of Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies, and Thesis Tutoring. He is also a Freelance and Expert in Research Methodology, Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translations, Proofreading in Spanish and English; and Content Writing under SEO strategies.