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Handbook of Education Systems in South America

Handbook of Education Systems in South America

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    Enhancing the quality of education and universal access is the only way South America and the Caribbean can really reduce the inequality gap. This volume recommends creative policy formulation and commitment to adopt new technology, which is essential to ensuring that young people do not get lost in the education system. As UNICEF points out, well over 95% of youngsters in South America and the Caribbean are currently out of school. This has affected education tremendously, but also the society, politics and the economy, because education is closely related to all aspects of the community. Some of the topics covered in this book include; Chapter 1: Introduction to Educational Systems in South America, Chapter 2: Educational Indices in South America, Chapter 3. Literacy Rate in South America, and Chapter 4: Educational Attainment in South America. Information and communication technology (ICT) tools can help children better prepare for the challenges of the future. But South America is not ready yet. Despite increased efforts to integrate ICT into education, minimal progress has been made. The digital divide simply means that most low-income students lack reliable access to computers or broadband Internet, and dependence on ICT may aggravate existing inequalities.

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    Oscar Alberto Ramirez Amado, holds a PhD in Education and a Diploma in Research. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simon Rodriguez (Maracay-Venezuela), in the areas of Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies, and Thesis Tutoring. He is also a Freelance and Expert in Research Methodology, Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translations, Proofreading in Spanish and English; and Content Writing under SEO strategies.