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Education and Psychology

Online Education as the Future: Finding new ways to teach and learn in the new age

Online Education as the Future: Finding new ways to teach and learn in the new age

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    We are now facing the new era - the revolution of online education. This vast space called internet is a sensible choice to access quality education, whenever, wherever you are. With access to computers in learning, acquiring new skills, online learning is on the rise. Many students are attracted to the flexibility of online learning and combine their studies with work or personal commitments. Many experts believe online learning is the future of education. This book will gives you a wide understanding about the definitions, history of online education. The uses and applications of educational technologies, the social construction of digital life, the theory of e-learning, innovations and accreditation of quality in online education. As technology becomes more widely available, an increasing number of students will gain access to the kind of knowledge that can vastly improve their career prospects, and maybe even the world. Many students have multiple commitments, and they navigate to the flexibility of online courses. Online learning is about accessibility and inclusivity. It removes the physical barriers that prevent many people from fulfilling academic or career ambitions by allowing students to work anywhere. Online learning will continue to grow and improve, and become popular with the continual development of technology. But still, this convenient options depends considerably on the unique situations, needs, goals of international students around the world.

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    Dr. Emelyn Cereno Wagan obtained her Doctorate Degree major in Educational Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Professor and lecturer at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Graduate Studies and Applied Research; Former English Professor at Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam. Former Campus Director, LSPU Extension Cabuyao Campus. Former Principal, LSPU Laboratory High School. She has written several Education Textbooks for college and senior high school students. Awarded by Asia Pacific Region: "Outstanding Trusted Premier Asian Achiever in Professional Higher Education 2018" ISO 9001-2008 Internal Quality Auditor. Model educator award 2019. Awarded Certificate of Commendation 2020 as volunteer for Taal Volcano eruption response, COVID 19 Pandemic response, Typhoon Deployment and other significant Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response (HADR).