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Education and Psychology

School Leadership for Improved Student Learning

School Leadership for Improved Student Learning

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    This book provides a brief introduction to school leadership and the classroom management and organization. It talks about the different qualities of an effective teacher, lays emphasis on the developing skills for effective school leadership along with discussing the prevailing challenges and opportunities and the importance of making school leadership an attractive profession and addresses the policies and initiatives that are taken in order to improve school leadership.

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    Karen Ang-Manaig is a graduate of Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. She is an Assistant Professor II and is the current Associate Dean of the College of Teacher Education at one of the campuses at the same university. She teaches Professional Education and English courses in the undergraduate programs as well as in the graduate programs for Teacher Education courses. She was a Visiting Professor and Panel Member for Thesis Defense of Masters of Arts in English, Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen City, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam on August 22-31, 2009. As a prolific researcher, Professor Manaig had published her research in international refereed and Scopus-Indexed journals. These publications had garnered multiple citations in Google Scholar and other online journal repositories. Likewise, these research papers were presented in national and international conferences. She has also written several books in teacher education. One of her research papers was adjudged as the Best Research Paper in the Natural and Applied Science Category during the Research Excellence Awards at the 3rd International Research Conference on Higher Education, organized by the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Science and Technology- NCR, Philippine Higher Education Research Consortium, Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators Inc. (APCORE) & Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in year 2015. At present, she is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Business and Economic Affairs and a Peer Reviewer at the International Journal on Research in STEM Education.