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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

Environmental Management for Hotels: A Comprehensive Guide for Sustainable Operation

Environmental Management for Hotels: A Comprehensive Guide for Sustainable Operation

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    Environmental management and sustainability have been recent important issues in the hospitality industry. This comprehensive book emphasizes regulatory issues, which relate to the management of hospitality procedures in ways which are penetrating to the impact on the environment whereas not threatening their own financial viability. This is essential reading for students, researchers and academics of hospitality as well as those of tourism, marketing, business and events management.

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    In recent times, Environmental Management has gained immense importance in various industries, from the hospitality industry to several small sector industries. Application of environmental management has been on a rise in hospitality industry in particular. Hospitality industry contributes significantly to the GDP of a country, which is why it becomes essential to implement sustainability practices in its operations. Due to the growing need of environmental management in hotels and restaurants, there is an urgent requirement to educate staff members and guests as well, about sustainability initiatives. This book teaches the readers about the ways in which they can implement the sustainability practices.

    Various dimensions related to environmental management in hotels and restaurants are covered in different chapters of this book. Tourism, its features, and various other aspects form the idea and content of the first two chapters, which includes destination management, as it is an important aspect of tourism management, and much of environmental concerns are also associated with destination management. There is a complete chapter devoted to the need for environmental management in hotels and restaurants. In addition, this book discusses about the current trends which are prevailing in hotels and restaurants. Future trends which are a possibility in this industry are also described. One chapter entirely talks about the ways in which resources can be managed sustainably in hotels. It emphasizes on how workshops can be organized to educate the staff members and guests about the management of natural resources. Another chapter is entirely dedicated to consumption of energy in hotels and restaurants. The book also sheds light on the various methods of waste management in hospitality industry.

    Furthermore, environmental management starts with the responsible procurement of resources. Purchasing goods and services which do not harm the environment should be the first priority for hotels and restaurants. The chapter dedicated to purchasing policies also talks about the best practices which can be implemented to ensure effective environmental management. There is another chapter which completely talks about the need of guest participation in this environmental drive. Currently, many hotels are implementing sustainability practices in their operations which makes these hotels "Green Hotels". Importance of "Green hotels" and challenges faced in their implementation are also focused upon.

    The book also talks about the certification and regulatory bodies which are created to monitor the practices of different hotels and restaurants. Guests and their attitudes towards the sustainability practices are discussed briefly. This book gives a glimpse regarding the practices of hotels and restaurants which are causing major damage to the environment. This book intends to teach readers about the needs and methods of environmental management in hotels.

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    Jennifer is a Tourism and Hospitality Management Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, giving academic training to University Students and Local Communities about Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management with Eviatour C.A.. She holds a BA in Tourism Business Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management awarded from the University of Birmingham UK.