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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

Hotel and Restaurant Operations

Hotel and Restaurant Operations

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    In order to integrate responsible business practices into day-to-day operations, it covers the latest information on various facets and departments of the hotel and issues affecting the industry, this book will equip aspiring restaurant owners to master a broad variety of start-up issues and gain the solid footing they'll need to ensure the restaurant's ongoing success. It is an up-to-date, dynamic learning resource for students and professionals as well.

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    The reference book "Hotel and Restaurant Management and Operations", provides practical and updated information on management and operations in the hotel and restaurant industry. Along with this, the book also provides a comprehensive information about the management of human resources across the hotel industry and how various professionals manage their responsibilities in their respective departments. This reference book provides a detailed discussion on the role of the human resource manager in the hospitality industry along with the management and operations at the hotels and restaurants. This research study will be helpful to readers in developing the wide-ranging knowledge and skills that are required to succeed in the present scenario of the hospitality industry.

    Each of the chapters in this book, examine in-depth, the information about various aspects of the hotel and restaurant industry, its management, and operations. All the aspects of this industry such as responsibilities, challenges, problems encountered and approaches taken to resolve complex problems are discussed. This book also discusses some real-time examples of hospitality industry which provide an insight into the profile of the organizations in this industry along with the challenges faced and solutions applied by them.

    There are several challenges faced by the business organizations in this industry that needs to be addressed. Few challenges that were determined include management of human resources and customer service. However, both these challenges are interlinked and need to be addressed by the organizations. The human resource management itself is a wide category as there can be several problems associated with the workforce in the organization. Other than this, the research also elaborates the role of the human resource manager in hospitality industry along with the front office management. The operations in a hospitality industry are also highlighted in terms of rooms, engineering, and security. The major drawback that comes into light through the discussion is that the workforce or human resource of the organization are not given importance. If any organization pays attention to its human resource, it can thrive and also gain competitive advantage. Thus, two examples are given that depict how an organization has established itself as a brand by emphasizing on its human resource and utilizing them in an optimum way. Through the examples it is highlighted that by effective utilization of human resource the organizations can offer customer satisfaction which ultimately results in success of the organization. This book aims to be a complete resource for anyone who wants to know about the management of hotels and restaurant.

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    Maria Rellie B. Kalacas

    Maria Rellie B. Kalacas

    MARIA RELLIE is an assistant professor in Department of Food Technology at the College of Industrial Technology, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Santa Cruz, Campus, Philippines. She did her Doctor of Education major in Educational Management Degree and Master of Arts major in Technology and Home Economics from Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. She also completed her Master of Arts in Industrial Education major in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Philippines