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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

Marketing of Hospitality Services

Marketing of Hospitality Services

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    This introductory textbook shows you how to apply the principles of marketing within the hospitality industry. The book empowers the hospitality education sector on the subject of sales and marketing of hospitality products and services. Covering a broad range of topics and perspectives such as customer satisfaction, healthcare service, and microfinance, this book is ideally designed for students, academics, practitioners, and professionals seeking information on this topic.

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    Abhishek Singh is a Project Manager with over 8 years of experience, Client Relationship Management and Team Management with key focus on efficient service delivery, profitability and optimal resource utilization. Managing national Projects for Retail, Hospitality, Government and Banking Domains, with the perfect amalgamation of technical and business skills. Certified Business Analysis Practitioner, aiming to leverage considerable experience and efficiency into the project manager role. Possesses a dual specialisation MBA in IT and Marketing, along with B.Tech in computer science. He has expertise in end-to-end Project handling and PMO Project Methodology.