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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management

Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management

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    Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management examines various aspects of environmental issues that are encountered by the two most emerging industry in the world, i.e. Hospitality and tourism industry. It includes basic concepts of sustainable hospitality and tourism management along with the meaning of sustainable travel and importance of food security. Provides the reader with the insights into the consumer behavior and the responsibility of the staff working under the hospitality and tourism business. This is to make readers understand various dimensions of achieving customer loyalty by adopting sustainable practices.

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    Ann is a Hospitality and Tourism Specialist with more than 35 years of experience in international hotel management including multi-site operations. She has worked in Australia, the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom and holds a Master of Business Administration awarded from the University of South Australia.