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Language and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics

Language and Social Relations

Language and Social Relations

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    Language is associated with social relations and is a channel for people to participate in various social activities. This captivating volume explores the significant role of language in different aspects of social life, including identity, class, ancestry, gender relations, status, and hierarchy. Language plays various roles in society, plus society also works in a similar manner. If one of them does not exist, the other will be impacted. Language is the main tool used for communication, establishing social peace and direction, demonstrating authority and power, and achieving goals. For this reason, some of the topics discussed in this volume include: chapter 3: language and culture chapter 4: social class and language chapter 5: psychology of language development, chapter 6: social interaction, and chapter 7: social explanation of cognitive development. However, if used improperly, language can also destroy society. It must abide by the societal rules to avoid conflicts and cover the boundaries of personal differences. The volume uses data from various languages and societies to show that language is not just a basic form of social behavior. It is equally an effective tool for people to develop models of social behavior. Anyone interested in the connection between language, society, and culture will welcome this volume.

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    Rowela S. Basa is Masters of Education Major in English and a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English from the University of the Assumption, Philippines. She specializes in language and literature and is currently working as a teacher in the Public Sector, Senior High School level. She is also a research enthusiast in the field of teaching, language, and literature education. More than that, she is also a freelancer editor and an online language expert in Heysphere Limited Knowledge, and she is also a Data Analyst in the Montreal Heritage Capital.